How to use Herodotos
release 0.6.0rc1

Nicolas Palix

April 15, 2010

At this point, you must have Herodotos installed. You now have to setup your environment and write a Herodotos Configuration file.

  1. Setup the environment
  2. Initialize the environment:

    make init

  3. Compute raw data:

    make -j2

  4. Correlate bug reports and propose an initial set of correlations:

    make correl

    Note: Herodotos will automatically compute the changeset.

  5. Manually edit the remaining correlations

    $EDITOR results/*/*

    Emacs with the Org mode is recommended. Org mode view-link add-on will transform your emacs in a wizard to handle Coccinelle reports.

    See ./tools/org-view-link.el

  6. Use the new complementary correlation information

    make correl (recompute the correlation and use the correlation set manually provided)

  7. Check the result:

    make stat

  8. Look for false positive
  9. Generate graphs (or website):

    make [graph|web]

  10. Edit and adjust your HC file
    Iterate on steps 9 and 10.


This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.