-*- org -*-

* upcoming/planned/todo
** Language:
- Semantic patch for other languages
- Support metavariables, virtual rules and virtual identifiers
  in initialize and finalize rules
- Support for matching #ifdef, etc.
- function-typed metavariables
- virtual typedef, declarer name, iterator name
- regexps for type metavariables
- 'symbol' metadeclaration for C identifiers that are guaranteed not intended as meta variables.
- allow mixing isomorpisms with normal rules

** Features:
- New scripting languages
- more than one SP on the command line
- interpret #if, as is done for #ifdef
- restored support for with-python in configure and support for --python option
  in the command line to use a specific python interpreter

** Bugfix:
- Add more information in documentation, man pages and wiki
- typedefs from C code should not be used before their point of inference
  (saved_typedefs in cprogram_of_file)

* 1.1.0
** Language:
- Allow fresh ids to be generated from a script
- Account for metavariables used as the argument of typeof
- Allow for annotations as metavariables
- Allow auto as type when processing a C++ file (C++ ≥ 11)
- bool is now a known typedef
- Add support for statement list
- Better handling of annotations
** Features:
- Allow command line options to be written in cocci files using the #spatch
- Add --opt-c option to try and process a C file only if it exists (ignore
  its abence otherwise)
- Allow for user to optionally specify the C++ version with the --c++ argument
- More efficient management of header files
** Bugfix:
- Improved documentation (mostly metadecl)
- Improved pretty printing
- Improved error reporting
- Better handling of "complex" pointer types (e.g. char * const *)
- Fix expected grammar to better fit C99's:
  - Allow assigning to the dereferencing of a function call. Problem reported
    by Joe Perches
- Camlp4 is no longer needed
- Removed the pygtk dependency
- Stop relying on Pervasives but on Stdcompat.Stdlib for backward compatibility

* 1.0.8
** Language:
- Support for long double complex, double complex and float complex at the
  C and SmPL level.
- Add conjunction for identifiers.
- Simplify pragma matching.
- Support llu in C code and SmPL code.  Suggested by Timur Tabi.
- Add support for macros with an initialiser as the body.  Requested by
  Thomas Pedersen.
- Allow scripts on comment metavariables.  Requested by Christoph Böhmwalder.
** Features:
- Some changes to the kinds of transformation allowed on declarations or
  fields with multiple variables.  See the last paragrph of the
  declarations section in the manual.
- Minimal support for multi-line pragmas.  C parsing is supported, but
  matching is not.
- Allow changing the extension of the name of the file checked by
  --compare-with-expected, using the --expected-extension flag.
- Optimize case of { ... } when the braces are removed to avoid going
  through the body.
- Allow const on signed/unsigned in SmPL.
** Bugfix:
- check identifier constraints when an identifier metavariable appears in a
  struct-typed metavariable.
- type for eg &a->b should be const when a is const
- Allow modifications within a function pointer typedef - reported by
  Jerome Glisse
* 1.0.7
** Language:
- Allow constraints on any metavariables. Constraints can be specified
  by comprehension (= { ... } or != { ... }, with each item referring
  to a constant identifier or an inherited meta-variable, and
  curly-brackets can be omitted for a single item), regular expression
  (=~ "..." or !~ "..."), integer comparison (<=, <, >=, >) or scripts
  (:script:...). Constraints can be used in conjunctions (&&),
  disjunctions (||) and can be negated (!)  and parenthesized.
  Sub-expression constraints (<=) are still dealt separately and can
  only be used individually or in conjunction with other constraints
  (not under a disjunction or a negation). See tests/constraints.cocci
  and tests/type_constraints.cocci
- Allow script finalizers for parallel computation.  See
  tests/countcalls.cocci and tests/countcalls_python.cocci
- Allow disjunctions on a wider range of syntactic constructions (function
  definitions, variable declarations, ...). See tests/disj.cocci.
- Finalizers now occur before iteration loop and can register new
- Multiple initializers and finalizers are allowed for the same language.
- Support function pointer types in casts.
- Allow something identified as a MacroDecl as a structure field.
- Conjunctions, ie ( & ), for declarations.
- Optional bitfield annotation on expression meta-variables. Requested by
  Kumar Gala. See tests/bitfield_matching.cocci
- Bit-field matching, see tests/bitfield.cocci
- Anonymous field matching, see tests/anonfield.cocci
- current_element position information in position structure (ocaml &
- matching and transformation of a single attribute after a variable name
  in a variable declaration.
- add conjunctions on types.
- make addition of __attribute__((...)) on function definitions work
- add typeof to the semantic patch language
- require "name" when declaring attribute names.
- Support some changes on function pointer typedefs.
- allow a coccinelle ocaml script to detect whether parallelism is used,
  via Flag.parmap_core (None for no pararallelism, and Some x for x cores)
- Make it possible to match or add an empty struct type declaration.
  Suggestion of Michele Martone.
- --backup-suffix replaced by --suffix and made applicable to --out-place
** Features:
- Better error reporting for unparsable terms when using make_expr etc in
  script code.  Problem reported by Markus Elfring.
- --ignore command line argument to specify a prefix of the names of files
  that should be ignored.
- added --max-width to adjust the line width for generated code.  Requested
  by Kumar Gala.
- forall and exists for quantifying over the success of matching depends on
- --verbose-includes option to show what files are actually included
- allow casts to unknown typedefs on more kinds of constants (reported by
  Yann Droneaud)
- Pick up header files that have the same name as the desired one if they
  are unique in the provided include paths.
- Caching of parsed header files, --no-include-cache to disable.
- --force-kr and --prevent-kr options to control whether K&R parsing is
- Generalization of script constraints to allow reference to metavariables
  defined in the same rule, only when the constrained metavariable always
  occurs in rule_elems that also mention any other local metavariables
  mentioned in the script constraint.  Referenced local variables must be
  declared before the constrained one.
- Allow more variety in #pragmas
- Add macro names to Coccilib.current_element
- Get rid of code that depends on unbound virtual rules
- Bash-completion scripts are now installed in share/bash-completion/completions
  (overridable with the new with-bash-completion option,
  reported by Himanshu Jha)
- Allow using -o when only the main file changes, even if headers have been
- Preserve spacing for comments in statement and declaration metavariables,
  when they are used in + code.
** Bugfix:
- Improved detection of metavariables in strings.  Problem reported by
  Wolfram Sang.
- Don't require all metavars in type exp meta constraint to be bound,
  unless only one type is specified.  Problem reported by Michael Stefaniuc.
- Finalization scripts are executed even in case there is no other script rules.
- spatch should find standard.iso and Python modules even if COCCINELLE_HOME
  and PYTHONPATH are not set (either in the directory where the executable is
  if it contains standard.iso, or in ../lib/coccinelle relatively to where the
  executable is).
- Improve SmPL parsing of added __attribute__.  Problem repported by
  Eduardo Habkost.
- In python scripts, virtuals should not overwrite locals with the same
  name.  Problem reported by Bhumika Goyal.
- Identify typedefs in type metavariable constraints, problem identified by
  Michele Martone.
- #ifdefs and cpp directives should not be able to be bound to MetaField
  metavariables.  Problem found using an example contributed by Michele
* 1.0.6
** Language:
- Allow \ in #define in semantic patch rules, to allow body with multiple
  lines, potentially including changes.  As a side effect, \ is also
  allowed in when specifications, again to allow patterns to stretch over
  multiple lines.
- Add identifier list metavariables for #define parameter lists
** Features:
- Add Coccilib.version() allowing ocaml code to access the version of
  spatch being used.
- Per file profiling with --profile-per-file for processing of directories.
- allow -j9 and -Ifoo, as used in some other tools
** Bugfix:
- Allow parallel compilation for bundles.  Issue identified by Luis Rodriguez.
- Allow the use of absolute path names with id-utils.  Issue identified by
Luis Rodriguez.
- Clean up temporary files when using parmap.  Issue identified by Luis
- Do nothing when there are no files to work on, avoiding parmap temporary
  file creation issues.
* 1.0.5
** Language:
- In the Coccilib interface, the function file, giving the file being
  currently processed, has become files, returning a list of file names,
  because Coccinelle can work on more than one file at once.
- For typedefs, symbols, iterator names, and declarer names, allow
  redeclaration as either the same kind, or temporary redeclaration as a
- Support for Python 3. Pycaml has been patched. The bundled version is
  systematically used, even if Pycaml is already installed locally.
- Support for iterations in Python scripts
- Metavariable initialization in Python scripts to a number of kinds of
  AST structures
** Features:
- addition of --file-groups option
- ocaml code allowed as constraints on position variables
- --enable-release configure option not accepted any longer.
- Extend pycocci SmPL <=> Patch equivalence proof with [ -c | --clean-proof ]
  support to enable support for a quiet and clean SmPL patch proof, this will
  nuke any temporary branches used for the proof if everything went well.
- Add support for SmPL <=> Patch equivalence using pycocci using patches,
  for an example refer to:
        o tests/pycocci/patches/0001-proto3*
        o tests/pycocci/code/0001-proto3/
  To test, use: ./scripts/pycocci-check.sh after building Coccinelle.
  This will touch your reflog though, and as such is disabled by default,
  to clean your reflog you can use: git reflog expire --all --expire=now
- Added --tmp-dir option, to specify the name of the temporary directory
  used to hold the results obtained on the different cores with the -j option.
- --defined and --undefined arguments now apply to #if as well as #ifdef.
  The expression has to be written exactly as it appears in the code, minus
  leading whitespace and any comments (leading or nonleading).
- Compare the standard output of scripts in test files with testfile.stdout
  if provided (with --compare-with-expected)
- Compatible with OCaml 4.03.0
** Bugfix:
- pycocci: skip proof when git dir is dirty
- pycocci: fix gitname use, when using SmPL <=> patch equivalence proof
  support and a relative path was used as target the git project base
  directory was not being found, using absolute paths fixes this.
- Don't complain about unreferenced variables in ungenerated rules
- Be flexible about the matching of the first or last comma in a
  ... parameter or expression list, also in the case of transformation.
- Fix various omissions related to binary and assignment metavariables.
- Add whitespace on C code/transformed code boundary.
- Types declared in header files are now taken into account while parsing
  C files.
- ( and & now allowed at the start of a line in a SmPL rule header
- Remove added space when removing unneeded parens at the start of an
  arglist, reported by Daniel Lundqvist
- Better pretty printing of array type declarations that result from T i;
  where at least T is a metavariable.
- Various improvements in the pretty printing of C code stored in
- Bundled Menhir can now be used to compile the mly grammar.
- Bundled PCRE now links correctly.
* 1.0.4
** Language:
- Length for statement list metavariables
** Features:
- file in declaration for depends on constraints
** Bugfix:
- build system: delete pregenerated parsers if menhir is installed
* 1.0.3
** Language:
- Conjunction (analogous to disjunction)
- Drop Circles, Stars
- Drop Unique
- Default values for script metavariables
** Features:
- Removed the extlib and sexp bundles which were not used any more.
- Drop support for OCaml 3.11 which did not allow to compile coccinelle in
  native code
- Print metavariables properly for script code.
- Print metavariables properly for cocci code.
- SYSCALL_DEFINE macros, contributed by Jörn Engel
- --indent option, giving default indent, for projects not using tabs
- Introduce .cocciconfig configuration file
- Add some support for MetaStmtList.  Allowed at top level of {}.
- timeout of 0 is no timeout, to allow cancelling this option.
- --print-options-only to see accumulated options.
** Bugfix:
- Allow virtual variable definition to contain an =.
- Improvement when exists rule contains when forall.
- The presence of camlp4 is no longer checked when not needed
  (only required to compile the bundled OCaml bindings for Python)
* 1.0.2
** Language:
** Features:
- Positions of C tokens are now computed while lexing rather than
  during a distinct pass. This makes use of the Lexing.new_line function
  which has been introduced in OCaml 3.11.
  Coccinelle can thus no longer be compiled with OCaml 3.10.
- --use-gitgrep falls back to --use-coccigrep for a non-git repository.
- ocaml coccilib allows propagating identifiers, expressions, statements,
  listlens, and positions to subsequent matching rules, via new ocaml code
  constructors: make_ident, make_expr, make_expr_with_env etc.
- Allow @S, for statement metavariable S on expressions
- Exploit explicit positive constraints (no regexps) on identifiers in
  file filtering
- Ability to declare a rule as matching an identifier.  Doesn't work
  properly for names of typedefs, enums, structures, or unions.
- autogen creates a version number that corresponds to the most recent commit.
** Bugfix:
- Coccinelle's "make install" now copies files to /usr/local/lib instead of
- Iso: allow mixed for model for the case where the model is just a metavar
  Thanks to Kris Borer for reporting the problem
- Allow ! to propagate into == or other ops in more cases.
* 1.0.1
** Language:
- allow static on type-level declarers
- ... in for loop header and in array declaration size matches nothing.
** Features:
- add --use-gitgrep option, for scanning with git grep
** Bugfix:
- Take into account constraints when determining whether a metavar is pure
- don't add switch fall through when a default is hidden under another case
- Safer handing of loops in ...
* 1.0.0
** Language:
- Add metavariables for matching assignment and binary operators.
- Add ...... to match ... in C function declarations and definitions.
- Addition of initializer list metavariables.  Thanks to Michael Stefaniuc
  for noticing the need for them.
- Allow multiple position variables per token
- ++ can now be associated with - code
- Allow /* */ comments as smpl comments, not only as + code
- Add support for && (label addresses)
- local idexpression metavariable no longer matches static local x
- Consider using to be a comment in C++ code.  Patch submitted by Jani Monoses.
- Command line cocci
- print_main etc for ocaml Coccilib
- =~ not ~= is used to indicate a regular expression constraint on an
  identifier.  And !~ for a nonmatch.
- allow long double, short int, long int, and long long int in SmPL code.
- gcc constructors allowed in SmPL.  Thanks to Uwe Kleine-Koenig for
  pointing out the problem.
- Allow ! to appear before () in depends.  Thanks to SF Markus Elfring for
  noticing the problem.
- Can add code containing #pragma or #line.
- Multicharacter command-line options now begin with -- and contain -
  rather than _.
- Allow multiple types of hidden metavariables, each preceded by @.
  Position variables can be attached to these.
- Python code now receives a structure containing a list of matched
  elements for list metavariables.  Thanks to Michael Stefaniuc for
  suggesting this features.
- Python code now receives expressions and identifiers as ordinary strings,
  not as elements of specific structures.
- Allow size_t as the type of an array index in smpl code.  Reported by
  Mansour Moufid.
- Allow renaming an expression as an identifier (@i)
- Support const/volatile after *.  Thanks to Lars-Peter Clausen for
  pointing out the problem.
- Support variable declarations in the first element of a for loop header.
- Support decimal type with the --ibm option
- Support some matching on pragmas
- Initialize and finalize rules contain a metavariable declaration region.
- Added documentation about iteration.
- Allow changes within strings.
- EXEC, for use with the --ibm option.
- Limited matching of decimal format strings, with the --ibm option
- Add a global idexpression operator, like the local one.
- Positive constraint set for identifier metavariables.

** Features:
- Preserve spacing before // comments when not at the beginning of a line
- Adjusted parsing of endif to put it after jump code
- Improve warning message when using -use_cache
- More helpful initial value for exported variables in python
- Support - on expression nests
- Better handling of the case of a matched declaration that should only
  be replaced by other top level things.
- Allow a semantic patch beginning and ending with braces to match the
  complete body of a function if the braces are not removed and if nothing
  is added before the first brace or after the last one.
- Add -cache_prefix option, to specify where to put cached files.
- Allow module_init(foo); to match module_init(foo) (or likewise for any
  declarer), when no transformation is specified on the semicolon.
- Add Coccilib.exit() for ocaml code and cocci.exit() for python code,
  to abort the treatment of the current file.
- Don't multiply print the same patch for the same file
- Drop date in diff
- Don't repeat smpl type warnings
- -sp_file/-cocci_file are now optional.  If not present an argument that
  ends in .cocci is assumed to be the name of the file containing the
  semantic patch.
- Allow limiting the size of a named cache using -cache_limit
- Cache name specified with -cache_prefix is extended according to the
  index (parallelism), if any.
- Allow multi-character constants in C code and SmPL code.  Thanks to Kamil
  Pilch for pointing out the problem.
- Better parsing of K&R C functions.  No longer convert all parameters to
- Implement newes as a hash table, for more efficiency on big sets of
- A local variable that is declared without a type is not considered to be
  a local variable.  Actually, such a variable is probably really a macro
  that expends to a declaration, and this macro is not the variable name.
- Allow iteration to make modifications when the modifications are done
- -debug gives information about defined virtual rules and about virtual
  identifier bindings.
- no more crashing on c++-like code without the c++ argument.
- dependencies can have ! on ()
- Give ocaml code access to Flag and thus the current file name.
- Slightly more efficient handling of lists.
- Slightly better error message in the case of inconsistent paths
- Improve limited size caching
- Remove zero #ifdefs when everything else is removed
- Mac OSX compatibility (tested on OSX Lion)
- 'Make depend' is called automatically when starting from a cleaned source
- Configure flag --enable-release makes 'make' build the optimized version of
  coccinelle if possible.
- The installed 'bin/spatch' calls spatch.opt or spatch with default parameters
  for iso/headers/python. 'bin/spatch.opt' and 'bin/spatch.byte'
- The bundled packages are now in the 'bundles' subdirectory and in the
  form of their original tarballs. These are extracted and used on-demand.
- Compatibility with python 2 and python 3. Also, a small bug is fixed in the order
  of library includes that caused sometimes trouble when building the pycaml library.
- Dropped the dependency on Perl in the Makefiles
- The configure script uses pkg-config and ocaml findlib and provides many
  flags for tuning/overriding the build process (including the ocaml
  compiler and the C compiler and preprocessor).
- Add line number directives to the .ml file generated from a .cocci file
- Added 'make check' as an alternative to 'make test'. It can run after
  building spatch, checks whether some features work (python and ocaml scripts,
  regexes) if these features are enabled, and then launches the test suite
  with a 75% success rate requirement. It also does not ask for user input
  and can be used in autonomous builds.
- Added an experimental --reverse flag to invert the semantic patch before application.
  Note that not all patches can be inverted, nor is it guaranteed that applying
  a patch followed by applying its inverse is an identity operation.
- Cache prefix takes distribution index into account.
- Add --defined and --undefined options allowing some code not to be
  touched.  Suggested by Eric Leblond.
- Dropped the need for the ocaml-extlib and ocaml-sexplib packages.
- Changed the file format of the regression test results. Files in the old format
  are no longer readable by spatch.
- Added a crude mechanism for integrating the results of external analyses with
  coccinelle, using positions to connect them together. This is an experimental
  feature. See demos/external_ana.{c,cocci,data}.
- Try to do better pretty printing when array elements are individually
- Just fail quietly on attempt to remove a multi-variable declaration,
  allowing the semantic patch to continue.  A warning message is printed.
- Ignore unknown identifiers around known types.
- Ignore --use-glimpse if multiple directories given
- Added support for c++ namespace syntax in cocci files.
- Improved c++ parsing
- Addition of gcc min and max operators.  Thanks to Holden Karau
- Allow --use-idutils to take the name of the database as an optional
  argument.  Thank to Wolfram Sang for the suggestion.
- Allow some parameters of a function not to have names.
- Improve indentation and newline introduction in pretty printer.  Thanks
  to Nic Volanschi for the bug report.
- Eliminate the reliance on grep in most cases for worth trying, to improve
  performance.  Thanks to Johannes Berg for the suggestion.
- Allow multidecls when removing variable names or when modifying type.
- Take fresh declarations into account when computing get_constants to
  create dependencies
- Leave ifdefs-like directives in unparsed code, if they don't have
  beginning or ending counterparts.
- Improved interpret_cocci_grep to try to avoid no accumulating lots of
  anded data.
- Improve type inference performance when many files included by using
- Extend file names only if the mentioned file does not exist.
- Better support for functions that have no specified return type.
- Added --include-headers-for-types option.
- Cope with unreadable C files.  Thanks to Akos PASZTORY for the
- Add the ability to add, but not match or remove, attributes.  Thanks to
  Johannes Berg for the suggestion.
- Recognize for_each thing followed by ++ or -- as a loop.  Problem found
  by Wolfram Sang.
- Newline before python code in error messages.  Suggested by Markus
- Add prototypes implicit isomorphism to allow disabling generation of
  rules based on changes in function prototypes.
- Support dynamic parallelism via the Parmap library.
- Allow disjunction in struct or enum name.  Problem noticed by Daniel Granat.
- --test-spacing option for regression testing of format issues

** Bugfix:
- Corrected parsing of script strings delimited by a single quote.  Thanks
  to Eugeniy Meshcheryakov for reporting the problem.
- Improved indentation of added ifdefs.
- Allow added comments and #ifdefs to precede other added code.  Thanks to
  Jani Monoses for noticing the problem.
- Corrected failure to due missing ocamlfind. Thanks to Derek M. Jones for
  reporting the problem.
- Allow fake nodes to be - in the allminus case, to drop tokens related to
  a function definition or forward declaration but before the first code
  mentioned in the semantic patch.
- Drop __init etc when deleting a whole function.
- Cause appropriate newlines to be preserved when multiple matches (trees)
  contain adjacent modifications derived from the same SmPL code.
- check_meta takes into account fresh identifier seed information.
- Types for worth-trying optimization should not be followed by space
- Improved filtering of result of matching atomic patterns
- Drop positions before creating function prototype rules
- Adjust position of { introduced by adding multiple statements in a
  single-statement position
- Drop newline after function call ( when all arguments on that line are
- Accept removal of a single declaration, replaced by arbitrary,
  non-declaration code
- smpl_spacing takes into account newlines, indentation
- Improved prevention of transformations on toplevel { ... } from causing
  changes outside function boundaries; also outside ifs, whiles, etc.
  Changes are still allowed on { ... } present for other reasons.
- Fix bug in include_match that caused everything to halt when all matches
  were discarded
- Don't call Insert_plus on rules that cannot be evaluated due to failed
- Allow variable declaration right after a case in switch.
- The top of a loop is also after the body of a loop, for ... in loop body
- Do not anchor Str regexp at the beginning of the string to check
- Type annotation for C code uses most recent env for typedefs when
  possible.  Thanks to Andrea Canciani for pointing out the problem.
- Pretty print pointer types without a trailing space.  Thanks to Michael
  Stefaniuc for pointing out the problem.
- Propagate dependencies further in get_constants2
- Make lexer more dos friendly
- slightly better handling of long long
- Strip constraints from metavariables in function prototype treatment
  before comparison, due to incomparability of pcre regexps.
- Fixed obsolete regexp doc, thanks to Dmitry Osmakov
- Improved x || ... || y to avoid double modification
- Transparently allow \( \| and \) to be on lines beginning with -.  The -
  has no effect.
- Remove memory leak related to pr2_once management.  Thanks to Robert
  Gomulka for helping to solve the problem.  Don't use once hashtable if
  messages won't be printed anyway.
- Change the type of subtraction mixing pointer and array to have int result.
  Thanks to Robert Gomulka for noticing the problem.
- Fix interpretation of dependencies in the presence of virtual rules.
  Ignore constraints on inherited position metavariables in a rule that
  will be ignored.
- Better support meta iterator and meta declarer tokens, and symid tokens.
- Better indentation after added noindent.
- Fixed length bug in the treatment of structures.
- Allow inheriting declaration/field metavariables.
- Don't drop spaces after parentheses in when no minus code present.
  Thanks to Terry Wilson for reporting the problem.
- Keep inherited metavariables in asttomember (preprocessing for matching)
- allminus for types, to allow removing const, not just matching it
- improved pretty printing when something is added before a closed brace
- Allow matching on nameless structs.  Thanks to Ron Minnich for reporting
  the problem.
- Pretty printing of const/volatile arrays in smpl code.
- Don't allow just dropping an exp or type
- Avoid removing #endif when surrounded by - code
- Print some important error messages even with the --very-quiet flag.
- Fixed parallel building in the Makefiles
- Fixed the compilation of the "pure bytecode" version. If you use the
  bundled pycaml or ocaml-pcre, you'll need their stub libraries in
- For get_constants, virtuals should be false, not true
- C parsing of top-level declarers with initializations.
- Remove constraints in predicates in match result, to avoid PCRE equality
- Enum assignment matching an enum value shouldn't cause a
  crash. Likewise, an identifier matching an initialized enum field
  shouldn't cause a crash.
- Make when forall in an exists rule behave (more) like forall
- Ocaml 4.00.0 compatibility fixes
- Drop inlines, reduce parser code size
- Bind const_vol in the right order in Ast0 visitor
- use arg_expression for printing iterator arguments instead of expression,
  to get the right spacing.  Thanks to Lars-Peter Clausen for the fix.
- Better spacing for generated argument lists.  Thanks to Lars-Peter Clausen
  for reporting the problem.
- Collect all module interfaces for ocaml scripting in a single
  coccilib.cmi file, with the list of exposed internal modules in
  ocaml/exposed_modules.ml. This simplifies the installation of the
  ocaml version of coccilib, and allows us to specify which modules
  can be accessed by an ocaml script. The coccilib.cmi must either
  reside in $COCCI_DIR/ocaml/ or $COCCI_DIR/ocaml/coccilib/.
- Ocamlbuild-based compilation of coccinelle (experimental). In a
  cleaned repository, use the configure option --enable-ocamlbuild to
  enable it. The Makefiles will then use ocamlbuild.
- Ocamlscripts can access more of coccinelle: the file
  ocaml/exposed_modules.ml specifies which modules are accessible.
- Use arg_expression to print macro arguments.  Thanks to Lars-Peter
  Clausen for the fix.
- Remove some trailing whitespace due to unindent or added if braces.
  Thanks to Eric LeBlond for reporting one of the problems.
- Remove undesired newline after if header when body is a metavariable.
  Thanks to Eric LeBlond for reporting the problem.
- Improve macro expansion to take into account variable numbers of
- Don't count macros or ifdefs in counting fields
- Better counting of indent size when indent contains multiple tabs
- Get the right annotation on trailing , that is after a nest.  Requires
  avoiding double processing in transformation_c.ml
- Fixed an issue where an 'Impossible' exception could be raised.
- Fixed an issue where some identifiers were incorrectly interpreted as typedef.
- allow __ at the beginning of a struct or union name
- unparsing with precedence
- Type metavariable should not match a case where there is no type in the
  C code.  Thanks to SF Markus Elfring for pointing out the problem.
- Allow an expression list metavariable to be attached to a parameter list
  metavariable, to allow using the parameter names as an argument list.
  Thanks to Michael Stefaniuc for pointing out the need for this feature.
- register x; in C is considered to implicitly declare an int typed
  variable.  A type metavariable that is part of a match of this
  declaration will get bound to int.  But if the type metavariable
  furthermore is associated with a position metavariable, the match will
  fail, because the implicit int has no position.  Thanks to Nic Volanschi
  for pointing out the problem.
- Propagate parameter list variables from rules for function definitions
  to the generated rules for function prototypes.  Thanks to Nic Volanschi
  for pointing out the problem.
- Avoid introducing extra space when pretty printing.  Thanks to Daniel
  Wagner for pointing out the problem.
- Don't add extra space before semicolon, comma, or right paren when adding
  an __attribute__
- Identifiers promoted to typedefs should have positions
- Allow disjunctions in removed nests
- Only print a warning about multidecls if the pattern actually matches.
- fixed --cache-limit to set --use-cache.  Thanks to Tegawende Bissyande
  for finding the problem.
- Drop matched pattern in idutils output.  Thanks to Wolfram Sang for
  pointing out the problem.
- Improve parsing of #defines that contain multiline comments.  Thanks to
  Tegawende Bissyande for finding the problem.
- Collect all types in get_constants when types mentioned on
  metavariables. Thanks to Michael Stefaniuc for the report.
- Try to fix pretty printing of directives.
- Allow renaming types in multidecls, including renames in initializers.
- Save virtual identifiers from the command line for use in finalize code.
- Make ocaml file prefix name be just a constant string rather than being
  determined by the semantic patch file name, to avoid
  incompatibilities between the semantic patch file name and what is
  allowed for the names of ocaml modules.  Thanks to Markus Elfring for
  noticing the problem.
- Improved use of parsing_hacks when an item of interest is preceded by
  a #define or #undef.  Thanks to Nic Volanschi for finding the problem.
- Improved handling of commas in multidecls.  Thanks to Nic Volanschi for
  finding the problem.
- Try to improve column offsets in complex strings.
- Improve performance of error handling code detection by only doing it
  when there is an escaping then branch.  Thanks to Ning Jiang for
  motivating investigation of the problem.
- Don't consider a break for a switch a indicating error handling code.
  Thanks to Ning Jiang for motivating investigation of the problem.
- Allow adding things after an escaping compound.  Thanks to Nic Volanschi
  for finding the problem.
- split apart added strings when moving mcode information to bef of for
  loop, function definition, etc.  Thanks to Luis R. Rodriguez for reporting
  the problem.
- Take into account dependencies when considering plus information in
  get_constants.  Also removing constraints based on plus information
  results in True, regardless on whether & or v is being considered.
  Thanks to Luis R. Rodriguez for reporting the problem.
- Move pcre regular expressions to a hashtable, and out of parsed smpl
  terms to avoid problems with comparing rule_elems in ctl matching.
  Note that this hash table is global and is never cleared, since we
  work on only one semantic patch per execution of Coccinelle.  Thanks to
  SF Markus Elfring for pointing out the problem.
- Leave constraints in function prototypes, now that they are comparable.
- Make it possible to add something after the last brace of a function.
  Thanks to Benoit Taine for motivating this change.
- Avoiding attaching # directives to , after ... as this comma may get
  dropped or not match any code.  Thanks to Stefan Assmann for reporting
  the problem.
- Manage trailing comma in Constructor code.  Thanks to Viresh Kumar for
  noting the problem.
- For multidecls, take into account that type may comprise multiple tokens.
  Thanks to Nic Volanschi for noticing the problem.
- don't add newlines in #defines, even if lines get long
- consider # as a comment character in script code
- Don't take into account string constants in get_constants, as these are
  not likely to be indexed.  Thanks to Benoit Taine for noting the problem.
- Better pretty printing indentation for ifs.
- Don't multiply propagate positions to the same token in isos that use the
  same token more than once.  Problem reported by Riccardo Lucchese.
- Don't require balanced parentheses in + code for stars.  Problem reported
  by Chi Pham.
- Unfavor commas for attaching plus code; commas can disappear.
- In pretty printing added if branch braces, allow minus code as well as
  spaces and newlines between the ) and the {.
- Make the --keep-comments flag work.
- Make the --force-diff flag work.
- Improve newlines around added else tokens.
- Improve parsing of multi strings.
- Improve pretty printing of expression list metavariable values.  Problem
  reported by Cyril Hrubis.
- Improve pretty printing of long parameter lists, improve added newlines
  for things in parentheses.  Problem reported by Luis Rodriguez.
- Lex comment at end of #if.  Problem reported by Markus Elfring.
- Allow ''
- Make fix_tokens_strings, List.flatten tail recursive to avoid stack
- Make nothing match against empty statements.
- Improved propagation of #ifdef additions to function prototypes.
  Reported by Stefan Assman.
- Allow adding directives before and after ..., see ifif.cocci
- No space after trailing comma.
- Drop newlines when removing consecutive statements.
- Make build system use installed rather than bundled parmap when available.
- Extend parsing_hacks to recognize constant function pointers.  This issue
  was detected by Sören Brinkmann.
- Unfavor only trailing commas in insert_plus.  This has an impact on where
  plus code is put, and thus formatting of output.
- Put newlines only after certain Tokens in unparse_cocci.

* 0.2.5
** Language:
- Make a very small attempt to parse C++ code, amounting to accepting
  identifiers containing ::, tilde, and template invocations.  Use the
  option -c++.  This is not likely to be very useful in practice.
- Added metavariable metavariable type.
- Add disjunctions on identifiers in some contexts
- Pretend that & indicates a pointer in -c++ mode
- Support for new and delete
- Allow arrays in smpl parameter declarations.  Thanks to Jesper Louis
  Andersen for pointing out the problem.
- Field list metavariables
- Add the ability to add __attributes__ (NB, no matching on attributes)
- Slightly improved the error message for transformation on multiple
  variable declaration.  Thanks to Jonathan Nieder for pointing out the

** Features:
- support transformations on variables (only) in declarations that declare
  multiple variables
- allow #endif XXX in C code
- relax_include_path now applied to non local includes too, in which case
  it tries to find a unique file with a suffix of the provided name.
  this is useful for directories that are intended to be symbolic links.
- support matching and removing #undef
- support for iteration in ocaml, requires use of -no_show_diff
- calls to likely and unlikely propagate test expression status to their
- reuse typedefs and macros from complete parsing when reparsing the
  transformed code
- better explanation when presenting glimpse tokens
- optimization for an if branch that is just { ... }
- spatch -control_flow_to_file file.c generates a file file.dot
- include files with names ending in .cpp if -c++ option is given
- removed use of the no longer supported sexplib function Conv.hashtbl_of_sexp
- add information about which Fedora packages are needed

** Bugfix:
- improved parsing of expressions to allow ... to the right of operators in
  more places
- Fix check_config for Python 2.7 on Fedora 14 (Reported-by: Michael Stefaniuc)
- Check for ocamlfind in configure (Reported-by: Paul E. McKenney)
- Postpone use of ocamlfind at runtime to report fewer errors
- Add support for Python 2.4 binding with the provided pycaml library
- Allow '@' in script code.  Thanks to Laurent Reveillere for noticing the
- Remove an optimization of x or true to true in asttoctl2 for the case
  where x may make a modification, eg the case of -thing ?-thing
- Allow adding comments before a function.
- Introduction of newlines in function arguments needs to take into account
  that the code added by SmPL can include newlines.  Thanks to Thomas
  Gleixner for finding the problem.

* 0.2.4
** Language:
- scripts now have names and can declare metavariables that are seen by
  SmPL as identifier metavariables, see demos/{python,ocaml}tococci.cocci
- declaration (match variable declarations) and field (match structure
  field declarations) metavariables
- matching of array initializations and of enum declarations

** Features:
- compatibility with Python 2.7.  Thanks to Richard W.M. Jones for pointing
  out the problem
- python and ocaml string representations of parameter lists and expression
- try simpler patterns on glimpse failure
- graceful and immediate failure when a virtual rule is defined on the
  command line, but not in the rule
- spatch returns -1 when a virtual rule is requested that is not supported
- no transformation when using * with the option -no_show_diff
- expanded +++ file name for match output
- struct *^* and enum *^* metavariable types
- allow an assignment to match a variable initialization, even if multiple
  variables are declared at the same time.
- add the option -recursive_includes
- added the option -use_idutils.  The requires the previous use of the
  script idutils_index.sh

** Bugfix:
- detect used after metavariables in simple statement metavariable match
- allow inheriting position variables over rules that make transformations
  but depend on virtual rules that are not defined on the command line
- treat top-level tokens in decl visitor.  Thanks to Peter Tummeltshammer
  for noticing a resulting problem.
- improve typing of the result of an assignment expression
- eliminate some recursive calls in C code parsing to avoid stack overflows
- better pretty printing of #define when the whole line is removed
- better pretty printing of asm code containing
- allow pretty printing of C code with nameless bit fields
- avoid adding an error message to standard output if ocamlfind is not
- struct/union/enum-typed metavariables with a metavariable type name
- better management of whitespace between deleted lines.  Thanks to
  Andriy Gapon for noticing the problem.
- improved parsing recovery for badly parsed struct/enum typedefs
- drop expanded tokens in sgrep output.  Thanks to Andriy Gapon for
  noticing the problem.
- constant strings have array type, not pointer type.  Thanks to Vasiliy
  Kulikov for noticing the problem.
- improve indentation when adding code after a function call with indented
- return type of sizeof converted to unsigned long.  Thanks to Vasiliy
  Kulikov for noticing the problem.
- improve spacing when adding structure initializers.  Thanks to Vasiliy
  Kulikov for noticing the problem.

* 0.2.3
** Language:
- <= constraints relating an expression metavariable to one or more
  inherited expression metavariables that it should be a subexpression of
- the -inplace and -outplace options have been renamed -in_place and
  -out_place.  -in_place no longer makes a backup.  A backup can be
  requested using the option -backup_suffix, eg -backup_suffix .bk
- identifiers can be constrained to be different from an inherited
  identifier metavariable, or from a set containing both concrete
  identifiers and inherited identifier metavariables.
- support for ocaml scripting
- ast available in ocaml scripts

** Features:
- drop inconsistent paths check when only one node was matched
- allow #define id with no definition
- attempt to add newlines in the generated code when function calls in the
  smpl cause passing column 80
- allow - in front of statement level nests, if everything inside the nest
  is also -
- 'configure' looks for some system libraries: menhirLib, sexplib, pycaml.
  Not available libraries are replaced by a copy provided with the sources.
- added static for a function goes just before what is specified in the
  semantic patch, not before any comments etc.
- Add a new option, -ignore_unknown_options, to ease the integration
  of Coccinelle as a checker in a toolchain.
- error in python code causes immediate abort of spatch
- use the same algorithm for collecting grep tokens as for collecting
  glimpse tokens
- Add scripts/spatch.bash_completion for automatic completion of common
  options under the bash shell.
- Print rule name when a script rule crashes
- Allow the declaration of an expression list or parameter list
  metavariable to specify the number of expressions or parameters,

** Bugfix:
- drop inconsistent paths check when only one node was matched
- better take into account virtual rules when selecting glimpse tokens
- print diff when only a comment is added
- the type of the C code !x should be int regardless of the type of x
- allow python code at the beginning of an included file
- better adjustment of whitespace when deleting adjacent lines.  Thanks to
  Wolfram Sang for pointing out the problem.
- allow metavariables to be inherited from included files
- allow ? on goto
- more graceful failure on finding a strange character in a macro parameter
- support Parameter metavariables
- add space after the last comma in an added portion of an argument list
- SmPL nameless struct should only match a nameless struct, not a nameless
  union.  Thanks to Peter Tummeltshammer for pointing out the problem.
- adjustments to storage don't modify inline as well
- matching and transformation allowed on inline
- allow removed field between two ... in structure initialization
- allow removing an entire structure initialization
- manage labels within do while 0 macros
- added space after : in printing a conditional expression.  Thanks to Josh
  Triplett for noticing the problem.
- dropped trailing whitespace when code at the end of a line is deleted.
  Thanks to Josh Triplett for noticing the problem.
- Fixed environment management when script rule uses cache.  Thanks to
  Bissyande for finding the problem.
- when false matches if with no else
- ensure { ... } with whencode checks to the end of the function.  Thanks to
  Rene Rydhof Hansen for finding the problem.

* 0.2.2
** Language:
- Added ToTestExpression to iso language, see standard.iso for an
- Added depends on to initialize and finalize script code

** Features:
- Update Emacs mode (cocci.el) to support 'virtual' rules and fix other
  keywords sush as 'depends on', 'using', 'disable'
- better treatment of != 0 in isos, communtativity for ==/!= for all
- allow adding // comments and blank lines (even after cocci + code)
- Add support for multiple -I options

** Bugfix:
- correct interaction between virtual rules and included .cocci files
- improvement in treatment of ! in isos, to avoid duplicating + code
- improvement in treatment of metavars as isos, to avoid duplicating + code
  between toplevel and variable instantiation
- test expression of smpl conditional, etc no longer assumed to have type
- correct + line numbers in the patch produced when using *
- iso constant metavariable matches an identifier whose name is all capital
  letters, eg NULL
- allow / at the end of the name of a directory (-dir) or patch prefix
- dropped space in + code after the binding of a type metavariable that is
  a pointer type
- better handling of . or .. in -dir name
- allow keywords and metavariable names in identifier constraints (not sure
  keywords is very useful, though)
- no lubtype on arguments of && and || in SmPL
- allow unknown as type for array indices in SmPL
- support matching of static annotation on functions that are both static
  and inline
- support ENOTDIR error in Common.lfile_exists, to allow for the case where
  an include file is in a subdirectory that exists but is an ordinary file,
  not a directory.
- better management of unbound position variables that appear in
- cause python parser to skip over // comments, hoping that // is not
  meaningful inside python
- require + on every line of a multiline comment
- correct calculation of line numbers when there is script code
- always annotate arguments of && || and ! as test expressions in C code.

* 0.2.1
** Language:
- Add virtual identifiers
- Add coccilib.report and coccilib.trac Python modules
- coccilib.org and coccilib.report are imported by default but not loaded
  in the current scope.

** Features:
- Parse_error_msg now more helpful.  New option -verbose_parsing for even
  more information.
- Improve Python import handling. They are imported once during script

** Bugfix:
- correct treatment of depends on with || for virtual rules

* 0.2.0
** Language:

** Features:
- Remove duplicated code in disjunctions
- Better error message when grep finds nothing relevant.  Thanks to Joe
  Perches for the suggestion.
- added -keep_comments option for the unparsing of the transformed code
- Option "-version" now also gives information about built-in
  Python binding support.
- slightly faster environment manipulation in pathological cases
- hack added to accept well-formed #define after function header

** Bugfix:
- Proper consideration of #define macro arguments in checking for the use
  of metavariables and in computing the line numbers of complex terms
- Better parsing of included .cocci files
- Put included .cocci files in the right order
- Bind position variables only once for #include
- Fix bug in include_match that caused everything to halt when all matches
  were discarded
- Merge unlikely/likely iso rules under a iso rule named unlikely
- Some fixes to coccicheck rules, thanks to Andrew Lunn
- Support groups in regular expression, thanks to Michael Stefaniuc

* 0.1.11

** Language:
- Meta-identifier/function and constant could be filtered from SmPL by
  regular expressions using the "~=" and "!~=" operators followed by
  an OCaml regular expression (see man Str) in double quote.
- Virtual rules, which can be referenced in depends, and set and unset
  using the command-line options -D
- ++ for multiple additions

** Features:
- coccicheck: a framework to check a series of SmPL files on a project
  see scripts/coccicheck for more information

** Bugfix:
- bind position variables to the correct starting position in the case of a
  complex statement such as an if or while.  Thanks to Derek Jones for
  pointing out the problem.
- checking for non mentioned case lines in switch should be unchecked.
- space should be printed after sizeof when there are no parentheses around
  the argument.  Thanks to Daniel Walker for pointing out the problem.
- avoid introducing sharing in propagating ! over () in treatment of isos
- save_excursion has to handle and rethrow exceptions
- eliminate unnecessary consideration of CVS strings.  Thanks to David
  Young for pointing out the problem.
- completely new treatment of statement metavariables
- better type checking for macro definitions
- drop regression testing in -parse_c

* 0.1.10

** Language:
- declarations allowed in switch, suggested by Derek M. Jones

** Features:
- use interval timer for timeouts.  Thanks to Derek M. Jones for the
- more flexible env.sh, thanks to Derek Jones.
- faster Python invocation
- simplify unparsing in the sgrep case

** Bugfix:
- for glimpse there is no point to create a pattern containing a numeric
  constant because glimpse doesn't index them
- add spaces after commas in function calls and function headers
- made python integration more like the ubuntu version
  this fixes some memory management problems with None, True, and False
- correct labels associated with a switch in the CFG so that a statement
  metavariable can match a switch.  Thanks to Derek Jones for pointing out
  the problem.
- keep switch pattern within switch body.  Thanks to Derek Jones for
  pointing out the problem.
- Allow expanded tokens to be stored in metavariables, as long as they are
  not removed.  But this does currently allow them in + code, which will
  produce the expansion.  Thanks to Ali-Erdem Ozcan for pointing out the
- improved adjustment of spacing when code removed at the beginning of a line

* 0.1.9

** Language:
- allow fresh identifiers to be declared using ## such that the value mixes
  both strings and previously declared metavariables

** Features:
- better handling of expanded code containing ##. Now compute the
- more precise warning message for the "'\' outside define".
  Thanks to Nicholas Mc Guire for pointing out the problem.
- more precise warning message related to ifdefization.
  Thanks to Derek Jones for pointing out the problem.
- we don't create any more certain files in /tmp (they may be a cause
  of security problems).
  Thanks to Eugeniy Meshcheryakov for pointing out the problem.
- More optimization for the case of just deleting a complete function.
  Allows this to happen without tracing through all the control-flow
  paths.  Thanks to Francois Bissyande for pointing out the problem.
- prevent code from being added to the beginning or end of a disjunction
- more information about why a script is not applied when using -debug option
- added -no_safe_expressions option
- added -no_loops option.  Ignores back edges derived from looping
  constructs.  This is unsafe, but perhaps useful for bug finding, as it can
  be more efficient.
- for semantic matches, allow "minus" on same code with multiple
- better error message for mismatch of parenthesis in column 0 with normal
  parenthesis.  Thanks to Derek Jones for pointing out the problem.
- allow disjunctions on function return types.  Thanks to Pierre Habouzit
  for pointing this out.

** Bugfix:
- keep disjunction in the proper order for structure initialization fields
- variables declared in different places should not seem to match each
- drop complaints about label metavariables not being used
- drop test information from the type of an expression when the expression
  is bound to a metavariable
- nests should not extend beyond the before and after code, even if the
  before and after code matches the nest code
- nests should extend into conditionals that end in error exit
- take into account metavariables on "else".  Thanks to Derek Jones for
  pointing out the problem.
- print single quotes on generated character constants
- better typedef handling in the initialisation/affectation builtin
  isomorphism, cf -test init_affect_typedef
- support disjunction of types on variable declaration
- allow @ within strings in script code.  ignore // comment lines in script
- don't drop + code placed after the transformed code
- drop spaces produced by removing code before semicolons
- adjusted spacing within generated code
- less verbose -sp.  Thanks to Derek Jones for pointing out the problem.
- accept multiple type names in a SmPL typedef declaration.

* 0.1.8

** Language:

** Features:
- Metavariables now capture the cpp code contained within their definitions
- When - fragments are separated by ... or nest boundaries in the semantic
  patch, but end up matching adjacent source code, the comments, cpp code
  and whitespace that are between them are not deleted.
- better parsing of C: do expansion of macros only when needed when
  have actually a parse error and also leverage the definition of macros
  in the parsed file (or in a optional_standard.h file passed as a parameter).
  This should reduce the need for many hardcoded definitions in standard.h
- new semantics for the -macro_file option, by default now expand macros
  only when necessary. To force use the -macro_file_builtins option instead.
- a new -extract_macros command line action to help the parser. Works with
  the -macro_file option. e.g.
    $ ./spatch -extract_macros ~/linux > /tmp/alldefs.h
    $ ./spatch -macro_file /tmp/alldefs.h -sp_file foo.cocci -dir ~/linux
- removed -D macro_file option, not consistent with what -D usually means
- reattempt to be more efficient for statement metavariables that are just
  placeholders (ie, no modification, no reuse)
- triples now returned from ctl in sorted order.  The main key is the
  state.  On the other hand, the state order does not always agree with the
  order of appearance in the code.
- spatch is now less verbose on the things it does yet handle. Less confusing
  for new users.
- slightly better error report. Thanks to Derek Jones for the suggestion.
- added the options -linux_spacing and -smpl_spacing.  -linux_spacing
  causes spatch to follow the spacing conventions of Linux, while
  -smpl_spacing causes spatch to follow the spacing in the semantic patch.
  -linux_spacing is the default.
- more informative error reporting for the already tagged token case.
  Thanks to Erik Hovland for the suggestion.

** Bugfix:
- better parsing of declare macro at toplevel and in structure.
  cf -text xfield
- allowing back typedef names for fieldname
- better printing of else in generated code
- slightly better type inference for binary operators.
- clear out declarer names and iterator names between SmPL files (for
- better parsing and type checking of macro type aliases. Cf -test macro_int16.
  Thanks to Li Yingtong for pointing out the problem.
- make insert_virtual_positions tail rec, avoid stack overflow pb.
  Thanks to Diego Liziero <diegoliz@gmail.com> for pointing out the
- Better type inference for arithmetic binary operators
  Thanks to Li Yingtong for pointing out the problem.
- Better type inference for constants
  Thanks to Li Yingtong for pointing out the problem.
- move computing of adjacency information for semantic patches to after
  application of isomorphisms, because isomorphisms can introduce "..."
- compute adjacency information for negated ...
- record with each transformation site the set of indices of the witness
  trees that caused the transformation site to come about.  Whitespace and
  comments between remove tokens associated with disjoint witness trees is
  not removed.
- correct treatment of function pointer typed parameters in the SmPL ast0
- better parsing error message and error recovery when comments are not ended,
  when some macros have a weird body, and when some switch have a weird
  Thanks to Derek Jones for pointing out the problem.
- better detection and passing of "dangerous" ifdefs, cf -test
- dropped the separation of decls and body in Seq.  This gives better
  positioning of the bindings of metavariables shared between them.
  Thanks to Erik Hovland for an example that shows the problem.

** Internals:
- suppress warning in compiling ocamlsexp (warning caused by a new behavior
  of cpp used internally in processing files in ocamlsexp/)

* 0.1.7

** Language:
- initialize and finalize script code, cf demos/initial_final.cocci

** Features:
- -iso_limit option to limit the depth of isomorphism application
- with the dir option, the include path is implicitly set to the "include"
  subdirectory of the specified directory, if the option -I is not used.
- give a seed for the name of a fresh identifier
- better handling of cpp "constructed" identifiers as in a##b, that in
  the futur will make it easier to match over those idents.
  cf tests/pb_parsing_macro.c. Thanks to Ali-Erdem Ozcan for pointing
  out the problem. A new "parsing hack hint" is also available:
  YACFE_IDENT_BUILDER, cf standard.h.

** Bugfix:
- drop excessive "optimization" in ctl generation for while and for loops
- allow . as the name of the directory
- for type inference for an assignment, take the type of the right-hand
  side expression, not the type of the assigned variable
- allow for with a declaration in the first header element, as in C++
  (partial support)
- allow for matching against variable declarations that include only
  storage, eg static, but no type at all.
- allow for matching against types that contain both short/long and int
- allow the type metavariable in the SmPL code "unsigned T" to match a T
  that is a type consisting of more than one word, eg long int.
- -ifdef_to_if option made to process nested ifdefs
  (partial support)

** Internals:
- improve and fix installation process (usable on BSD)
- improve and fix testing process
- apply patches from Eugeniy Meshcheryakov
- reorganize the way we parse C identifiers, especially concatenated cpp
  identifiers as in a##b. This may lead to some regressions as we may
  not parse as much code as before.
- removed popl/ and popl09/ and popl related stuff from official distrib.

* 0.1.6

** Language:
- the ability to add comments

** Features:
- grouping of generated rules with -hrule option
- handling of special coccinelle comments
  /* {{coccinelle:skip_start}} */ and
  /* {{coccinelle:skip_end}} */
  allowing to give more hints to the C parser.
  Thanks to Flavien@lebarbe.net for the idea.
- the ability to print the values of more (but not all) kinds of
  metavariables from python
- new vim SmPL mode.
  Thanks to Alexander Faroy.

** Bugfix:
- consider the ident tokens also in the 2 lines before the error line for the
  10-most-problematic-parsing-errors diagnostic.
- SmPL parser allows cast as the argument of a pointer
- SmPL type checker allows enum as an array index
- Better generation of fresh metavariables names in hrule
- no more warnings about things that should be metavariables when there is
  a disjunction in a function position
- bugfix in parser, better error message.
  Thanks to Ali-Erdem OZCAN <ali-erdem.ozcan@st.com> for the bug report.

** Internals:

* 0.1.5

** Language:
- added initialiser metavariable
- added sequences of designators in structures

** Features:
- improved printing of the C code corresponding to metavariables
- improved printing when code (eg declarations) is removed at the beginning
  of a block, and then is followed by a blank line
- slightly less verbose error reporting in parsing_hacks

** Bugfix:
- fixed some problems with parsing SmPL code where a nest appears after a |
- better treatment of { }, form in macros wrt unparse_c
- less quiet for -parse_c
- improve parsing heuristics regarding macro statement

** Internals:

* 0.1.4

** Language:
- long long added to SmPL

** Documentation:
- add grammar reference and spatch command line options reference

** Features:
- can match patterns of the form unsigned T or signed T, where T is a
- dropped the sizeof_parens isomorphism, which was made redundant by the
  paren isomorphism
- simple rule generation

** Bugfix:
- trailing , ; and ) no longer left on a line by themselves
- better treatment of error exit when the searched for code matches the
  error exit condition.
- fix incorrect treatment of parentheses in test_exps that could allow +
  code to be added twice
- don't ask whether iterator names and declarer names should be declared as
- slightly better support for expression list metavariables.
- short and long allowed for array index types in SmPL
- more restrictions on type inference for pointer arithmetic in SmPL
- allow isomorphisms to apply when + code is anywhere within all - terms
- changed order of printing const and volatile
- allow  eg ... <... in plus code
- better formatting of generated if/while/etc. code
- better parse error reporting when the problem is at the end of the file

** Internals:
- isomorphisms don't apply under signed/unsigned, to prevent the creation
  of things like unsigned signed int.  Need a better solution for this.

* 0.1.3

** Features:
- help in building the configuration macro file. The -parse_c action
  now returns the 10 most frequent parsing errors. This give useful
  hints to extend standard.h.

** Bugfix:
- positions no longer allowed on \(, \|, and \)
- improved propagation of negation for isos in the presence of parens
- convert Todos in flow graph construction to recoverable errors
- fixed bug in treatment of when != true and when != false, to allow more
  than one of them per ...
- improve parsing of typedef of function pointer.
- improve typing.
- parsing and typing support for old style C function declaration.
- consider position variables as modifications when optimizing the
  translation into CTL of function definitions

** Internals:

* 0.1.2

** Bugfix:
- better handling of ifdef on statements in control flow graph.
- transform files even if they do not end in .c (thanks to Vegard Nossum)

** Internals:
- merge code of yacfe

* 0.1.1

** Language:...
* 0.1

** first public release of the source code:

** Language:
 - embedded python scripting
 - position

** Features

* beta

** first public release of the binary...
* alpha

** Features
 - lots of features ... look at coccinelle research papers and tutorials.